Digital Advertising Specialist

Hours per week: 10-20, potentially full-time
Rate: $35/hour
Location: Remote / Home
Responsibilities: Account management, media planning, project management

About Adtoniq

Adtoniq is not your average ad tech startup.

Adtoniq is the first permission-based ad network for ad block users. We work with Fortune 100 advertisers and some of the largest publishers in the world to enable a more sustainable ad-supported internet with privacy as a core-tenant.

Like any startup, we prize flexibility and efficiency.  

A typical day

You start your day off on a video call with a Fortune 100 advertiser, to get the details of a new ad campaign they want to run. You talk with them about campaign strategy, which sites to run the campaign on, placement, mobile versus desktop, geographic targeting, and other campaign goals. They tell you that they will email their campaign creatives to you, after which you create a new ad campaign using Adtoniq’s internal tools.

Next up, you respond to an email from a publisher running several campaigns on a popular news website, asking you to stop running public service announcements on their site as backfill. You make the appropriate changes, and tell them you’ve made the change.

You’ve got a few hours to prepare for your next meeting: the monthly all-hands meeting where you’ll be creating some slides to report on some key performance indicators related to ad campaign performance. To get the data for your slides, you’ll need to dive into Adtoniq’s analytics system, where you’ll look for data on pageviews, campaigns, impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, ad revenue generated, ad block rates, and much more.

Looking through the data, you see something that doesn’t make sense. Could it be a software bug? You slack the engineering team asking them about the issue, and then help them reproduce the problem and yes, it’s a bug. You get an ETA on a fix, and then think about how to explain this data problem to the publisher, and whether other publishers might be affected by this bug.

It’s near the end of the day, and as you check your calendar you realize that tomorrow you’ve got a meeting with accounting to determine how much ad revenue to pay Adtoniq publishers, based on data you retrieve from Adtoniq’s analytics systems. You decide to focus on that at the beginning of tomorrow, and call it quits for the day.

Skills you’ll need – the more, the better

  • Understanding of some of the different ways advertisers and publishers collaborate on direct buy digital advertising campaigns
  • Understanding of key digital advertising concepts including ad pacing, inventory, demand, ad networks, direct buy, and programmatic
  • Ability to work tightly with various digital teams and be an effective communicator about progress and process
  • A/B (multivariate) testing and optimization
  • Understanding of media plans, campaigns, creatives, trafficking, and attribution

Your responsibilities

Account Management

  • Clearly communicate the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders
  • Prepare reports on campaign and/or account status
  • Collaborate with the sales team, and the engineering team to identify problems and propose solutions

Media Planning

  • Oversee campaign budgets.
  • Supervise the implementation of campaigns.
  • Identify target audiences and choose the best media outlet combination for different campaigns.
  • Prepare and present campaign proposals to clients.
  • Assess the success of media advertising plans and campaigns.
  • Assist the engineering team with ensuring reporting is as accurate as possible.

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