Partnering with Adtoniq provides premium publishers a unique opportunity to create new inventory and revenue

Adtoniq has made it easy to monetize ad block & reject-all inventory. We deliver the most advanced technical solution available today.

4-Step Process to Begin Monetization

Measure & quantify the opportunity using our Ad Block Revenue Measurement tool.
Fulfill any of your onboarding requirements such as partnership agreements and security audits.
Define & meet any additional requirements like integrating with first-party data systems.
Launch Adtoniq solution on one or more properties.

We only work with premium publishers who are serious about solving these structural industry challenges.

Adtoniq requires executive-level commitmments:
  1. Publisher must have a direct sales force
  2. Able to productize and sell direct and commitment against a timeline 
  3. Assign a dedicated Adtoniq lead
  4. Ability to Ramp Sales, Marketing, Business Development Teams
  5. Allow Adtoniq in the near term to sell newly created inventory

The first step is measuring your opportunity. We've made it simple.

What is it

AB Revenue tool accurately measures potential revenue opportunity.

The Adtoniq Ad Block Revenue Tool is JavaScript code you put on your website to measure the impact of ad blocking on your revenue. On each page view, the code will scan for blocked ads on your website, and then send one or more tracking pixels into Adtoniq’s analytics system. If no ad blocker is present, no tracking pixels are sent.

The tool allows Adtoniq to produce a report accurately estimating how much revenue you are losing due to ad blockers, and how much revenue Adtoniq could generate for you with this blocked inventory.

Timeline & Benefits

2 - 4 weeks to get an accurate measurement of your revuenue opportunity.

Adtoniq’s AB Revenue tool uses advanced & proprietary measurement techniques to accurately detect when a user has an ad blocker enabled at the browser or network level.

With only two weeks of data, we are able to provide a more complete view of your business opportunity.

Most importantly, this tool is free and secure.

  • Detects desktop, mobile & network blocking
  • Works across all ad blockers including network-level
  • Robust filtering for bot traffic
  • Takes only a few minutes to install
  • Uses only 1k of browser memory & loads asynchronously

Most accurate & secure ad block measurement tool on the market today.

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