Adtoniq provides privacy-first technology that helps premium publishers monetize their audiences.

Privacy-first audiences are separate and distinct. By understanding and addressing them, both publishers and advertisers can significantly benefit.

Privacy-first, user-empowered ad experiences are the future of digital advertising and drive better outcomes for everyone.

Privacy & Permission are at the heart of everything we do.

Adtoniq creates brand new inventory and revenue for our partners. Built from the ground up as a privacy-first ad platform, we are keenly focused on how to monetize upwards of 25% or more of most websites' traffic because of the proliferation of ad blocking and new laws and regulations. 

We understand and accept that consumers have been frustrated and turned off by the perpetuation of poor quality advertising; the interruption and clutter, performance and privacy concerns, which has brought about the mass adoption of ad blocking followed by privacy laws sweeping the country. 

Today, consumers are ultimately in control. We know what works and what doesn’t. Instead of blatantly forcing and bypassing consumer choice to block ads or asking them to whitelist, publishers need to offer permission-based engagement to simultaneously connect with them and build mutual respect that in turn rebuilds brand value and increases revenue.

Privacy, Permission & Consumer Experience Drive Our Business

  • We respect privacy-first users and understand their motivations.
  • Consumer “Permission” is critical to success
  • We are purposefully built to protect consumers' privacy. We do not capture any data that can reasonably be used to identify users (PII). We only store anonymized information for aggregate reporting purposes such as general location (city) and browser type.
  • Consumers are anonymous at all times. We contextually target pages and we DO NOT target ads to users based on demographic profiling or behavioral data.
  • We only serve highly vetted ads from premium advertisers. This means we never serve a popup, rollover or any ad that impedes users from completing their intended task.
  • Consumers can revoke their permission at any time, for any reason.

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