Reach Brand-New Privacy-First Audiences on Premium Sites

Privacy-first audiences are unreachable in other digital ad channels due to ad blocking and privacy settings. But these users are ready and willing to engage.

"Adtoniq is reaching new and important audiences that perform amazingly well for us.”

- F10 Company

Privacy-first audiences perform better

This audience is high-value and skews toward Gen Z & Millennials, but is rapidly growing across all ages.

  • High average household net worth
  • Corporate and household decision makers
  • College-educated
  • Exposed to lower daily ad volume
  • Heavy internet users

Above-the-fold display & native placements

Privacy-focused for a cookie-less world

Contextual-based targeting

20% - 35% of your target audience is unreachable. Period.

Despite the common misconception, ad block usage rates continue to climb in the US and the privacy laws sweeping the country will increase these numbers. More importantly, these audiences are high-income, college-educated Millennials and Gen Z’ers who use ad blockers at higher rates. Ad blockers prevent ads across most channels including Display, Native, Search, Social and Video.

  • Reach otherwise unreachable premium audiences
  • Premium publishers
  • IAB standard ad units
  • Higher engagement

Welcome to the future of the ad-supported internet.

Case Study

The Ad Council + Adtoniq Permission = Massive Success

Our partnership with the Ad Council began nearly a year ago with a 30-day A/B test against their non-ad blocked campaigns. We ran 5 IAB standard display creatives across our permission-based inventory.

The Ad Council saw a 652% improvement of their average CTR with a top CTR of 1.85%. They were stunned.

Even better, this audience represented a demographic that they simply were not reaching in any other channel.

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