Case Study: Ad Council Campaigns See 652% Higher CTRs from Ad Block Audiences

Gary Portney

The Ad Council and Adtoniq join forces delivering COVID-19 awareness to ad block users

Introduction: Adtoniq, a permission-based ad platform specializing in reaching ad block users, has been working with the Ad Council on its efforts to communicate messages that will help slow the spread of COVID-19 and other relevant PSAs. 15-35% of internet users are simply unreachable across social, search and web sites due to ad blockers. These users are a highly engaged, tech-savvy and well-educated demographic: the prime target for any premium ad campaign.

About The Ad Council: The Ad Council is where creativity and causes converge. The non-profit organization brings together the most creative minds in advertising, media, technology and marketing to address many of the nation’s most important causes. The Ad Council has created many of the most iconic campaigns in advertising history. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk. Smokey Bear. Love Has No Labels. Its innovative social good campaigns raise awareness, inspire action and save lives. To learn more, visit, follow the Ad Council’s communities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and view the creative on YouTube.

Ad Block Audience Test Campaign: We are currently running two permission-based display campaigns to ad block users, including creative for COVID-19 awareness, and pre-diabetes awareness using IAB standard ad units. For this case study, we will examine the first full month of data from mid-June to mid-July, 2020.

Campaign Parameters:
  • 2 campaigns (COVID-19, Prediabetes)
  • 5 ad creatives (all standard IAB sizes of 728x90, 300x600 and 300x250)
  • Only targeting ad block users
  • The goals of these PSA campaigns are to increase reach and maximize engagement
  • 0.38% CTR (652% increase from average Ad Council display campaign )
  • CTRs as high as 1.85% on some websites (3,561% CTR increase from average Ad Council display campaign)
  • Reaching the otherwise unreachable 20-30% of the internet using ad blockers

“We are thrilled to be working with Adtoniq and reach these unreachable audiences with our cause-based messaging.”

- Kathy Kayse, Chief Media Strategy and Partnerships Officer at the Ad Council.

About Adtoniq

Adtoniq is a high-performance digital advertising platform. We connect premium advertisers with coveted audiences they cannot reach while providing brand new revenue opportunities for publishers using proprietary one-click consent™ technology. We market exclusively to people you can’t otherwise reach: ad block users who permit seeing ads on websites they choose to support. You can learn more at Adtoniq unlocks brand new inventory that is not currently monetized by publishers and can be vastly underestimated because most ad blocking technology prevents the detection and reporting of ad blockers by preventing Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other tracking software from loading. Data from existing campaigns is showing that ad block users engage and convert at higher rates than non-ad block users and the demographics skew to tech-savvy, educated, working professionals. Most importantly, our platform is built on permission. A key ingredient missing from all other ad block solutions on the market who utilize whitelisting or even worse, force ads on their users.

There are three main components to working with ad blockers:

1) Detection: Nearly all tracking services such as Google Analytics are blocked by ad blockers. Using advanced techniques, Adtoniq accurately detects and reports when an ad block user has visited a page across desktop/laptop, mobile and network blocking.

2) Permission: We then present the ad block user with a fully-customizable & dismissible message asking them to support your digital property by enabling a streamlined ad experience without disabling their ad blocker.

3) Ad Enablement: We use proprietary software to bypass ad blockers and enable a more acceptable ad experience without changing or touching their settings across desktop, mobile and network blocking. We allow consumers to remain anonymous and do not store their information creating more sustainable and trusting relationships.

Privacy Philosophy

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Case Study: Ad Council Campaigns See 652% Higher CTRs from Ad Block Audiences

Gary Portney

The Ad Council and Adtoniq join forces delivering COVID-19 awareness to ad block users

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What is

Permission-based Advertising?

Adtoniq technology allows for ads to be served to ad block audiences with their permission which results in higher engagement and more conversions.

We only serve ads to an ad blocker when they have given some form of consent to do so. We do not force ads on ad block users, nor do we ask them to white-list or turn off their ad blockers. Users can revoke their permission at any time and we strive to make their experience fully transparent.