Privacy-First Audience Monetization

Reach & monetize users that have opted-out due to laws, regulations and ad blocking technology.

"Adtoniq is creating millions of dollars in new revenue for us and is providing the technology that is instrumental in helping us address the changing landscape of digital advertising”

- Comscore 50 Media Company

Monetize Ad Block Users

These users are the canary in the coal mine in terms of future consumer behavior. They already block ads, cookies, tracking scripts and more.

Monetize "Reject-All" Users

New privacy laws coming into effect will render a significant portion of your audience unreachable due to opt-out behavior.

GDPR takes effect in Europe with major repercussions on advertising technology
Firefox blocks 3rd-party cookies and Google announces privacy sandbox
33% of US internet users are using ad blocking software & Apple launches IDFA opt-in.

Opt-in vs opt-out will be one of the most influential decisions on the future of tracking in ad tech and how the ecosystem can use consumer data.

The American Data Privacy Protection Act is proposed and Google introduces a "Reject all cookies" button in Europe after a €150M fine.
CPRA, along with five other states, roll out consumer privacy regulations/laws.
3rd-party cookies become completely deprecated.

Privacy-first users are misunderstood:

The vast majority of privacy-first users are not opposed to ads. They are tired of being abused and have taken action to prevent it.

Most advertisers and publishers assume that ad block users have chosen not to see any ads, but this is simply wrong. Ad block users are willing to see and even engage with ads at higher rates than other audiences.

Only about 12% of these users want to avoid all ads.

These users are simply overwhelmed with ads that disrupt their experience, invade their privacy, spread viruses and slow down page load times.

These users are open to high-quality ad experiences to support the free internet.

Privacy-First Audiences Perform Better

This audience is high-value and skews toward Gen Z & Millennials, but is rapidly growing across all ages.
  • High average household net worth
  • Corporate and household decision makers
  • College-educated
  • Exposed to lower daily ad volume
  • Heavy internet users
  • Search ads are blocked

Creating brand-new high-performance inventory for our media partners resulting in new and significant revenue.


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Privacy, Permission & Consumer Experience Drive Our Business

  • We respect privacy-first users and understand their motivations.
  • Consumer “Permission” is critical to success
  • We are purposefully built to protect consumers' privacy. We do not capture any data that can reasonably be used to identify users (PII). We only store anonymized information for aggregate reporting purposes such as general location (city) and browser type.
  • Consumers are anonymous at all times. We contextually target pages and we DO NOT target ads to users based on demographic profiling or behavioral data.
  • We only serve highly vetted ads from premium advertisers. This means we never serve a popup, rollover or any ad that impedes users from completing their intended task.
  • Consumers can revoke their permission at any time, for any reason.

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