Ad Block Inventory & Revenue Calculator

Find out what your business opportunity is as a publisher to monetize your ad block audience that you currently cannot reach.

Opportunity Calculator

Understand how ad blocking is impacting your business.

We have set the initial values to the industry averages based on our own data as well as industry research. Our publishers are able to charge a premium CPM higher than their normal inventory.

Are you accurately measuring your ad block rate?

Ad Block Rate & Revenue Measurement Tools

Understand how ad blocking is impacting your business.

Our free Ad Block Rate Tool (AB Rate) allows anyone to accurately measure the number of ad blockers on your website. Most businesses cannot accurately measure because ad blockers don't just block ads, they also block analytics and tag managers such as Google and Adobe.

Our Ad Block Revenue Tool (AB Revenue) is the first tool to measure impression-level revenue loss/projection data due to ad blocking. This tool gives you unparalleled ability to understand the true business opportunity. This is a paid tool.

Both tools use advanced & proprietary measurement techniques to accurately detect when a user has an ad blocker enabled at the browser or network level.

With only a few weeks of data, we are able to provide a complete view of your business opportunity.

Most importantly, this tool is free and secure.

  • Detects desktop, mobile & network blocking
  • Works across all ad blockers including network-level
  • Robust filtering for bot traffic
  • Takes only a few minutes to install
  • Uses only 1k of browser memory & loads asynchronously
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