Enable Advertising & Analytics for Ad Block Audiences

Using permission-based advertising, Adtoniq enables a premium unreachable audience for advertisers, brand-new revenue for publishers and enables critical blocked services.


31% of the US ad-supported internet is unreachable due to ad blocking.

Despite the common misconception, ad block usage rates continues to climb in the US and around the world. More importantly, many of the most valuable audiences such as high-income, college-educated Millennials use ad blockers at much higher rates. Ad blockers prevent ads across most channels including Display, Native, Search, Social Media and Video.


Permission-based Advertising Marketplace

Adtoniq is a permission-based ad and analytics platform. We allow advertisers to reach premium audiences that are otherwise unreachable, create brand new revenue streams for publishers and enable critical third-party services that are impacted by ad blocking.

What is

Permission-based Advertising?

Adtoniq technology allows for ads to be served to ad block audiences with their permission which results in higher engagement and more conversions.

We only serve ads to an ad blocker when they have given some form of consent to do so. We do not force ads on ad block users, nor do we ask them to white-list or turn off their ad blockers. Users can revoke their permission at any time and we strive to make their experience fully transparent.

Adtoniq Solutions


This is your chance to monetize a growing segment of your readers in a respectful way. We only work with premium publishers that want a long-term industry solution to this challenge.
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This is your chance to reach users that you are likely not reaching in any other digital ad channel. These people are premium consumers that you simply cannot reach programmatically.
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Privacy & Consumer Experience Are at the Heart of Our Business

  • We respect privacy-first users and understand their motivations.
  • Consumer “Permission” is critical to success
  • We are purposefully built to protect consumers' privacy. We do not capture any data that can reasonably be used to identify users (PII). We only store anonymized information for aggregate reporting purposes such as general location (city) and browser type.
  • Consumers are anonymous at all times. We contextually target pages and we DO NOT target ads to users based on demographic profiling or behavioral data.
  • We only serve highly vetted ads from premium advertisers. This means we never serve a popup, rollover or any ad that impedes users from completing their intended task.
  • Consumers can revoke their permission at any time, for any reason.

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